Get an inside look into the lives of police officers who served the city over a century ago—when Vancouver was a seething hub of sex, drugs, corruption and organised crime. Our walking tour, Vice, Dice & Opium Pipes, will take you through the streets of Vancouver’s Chinatown, one of the nation’s oldest neighbourhoods, where you will learn about the brothels, bootleggers, gamblers and gangsters that ruled the town during its heyday of criminal activity. Hear about famed criminals like Joe Celona, who had ties to liquor, gambling and prostitution, and learn about the booming opium dens that plagued the city’s rich and poor at every turn. A 90-minute walk, this tour gives you first-hand access to the very streets and alleys where some of the nation’s most notorious crimes took place. You’ll see a side of the city that truly puts a new spin on the term “the wild West.” Tours include free admission to all Vancouver Police Museum exhibits. Tours begin April 15th. 

Price listings: $14/seniors & students (with valid Student ID) & $18/adults
Duration: 90 mins
Tour times: Fridays, 6pm-7:30pm | Saturdays, 11am-12:30pm

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